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Write about your daily life experiences, your opinions and ideas on happenings around, and give your thoughts a voice.


Connect with readers around the world who care about your passion and great contents.

Monetize your contents

If you choose, you can get rewarded for the beautiful words you put together.


I find SelahGist Hub Creators community as my plug where I express my thoughts, and share them to the world. Its easy to use, and it is amazing how much opportunity this platform gives to writers like me to be rewarded for our contents while creating value for readers.

john doe

California, USA

Find a place to give your thoughts a voice

We believe in the wealth of great thoughts and words in everyone, and we give you a place to share them to others around the world.

Connect with readers who appreciate your contents

We help you connect with great minds like you, who appreciate your beautiful words, ideas or opinions.

Earn money from your articles and contents

We know how important it is to get rewarded for your valuable contents, and we make every reader count for you. You can earn when members read your stories. You get paid for all your writing, or if you choose you may keep everything free and accessible to all.


What is Selahgist Hub Community?

SelahGist Hub Community is the home for awesome posts created by SelahGisters. We believe you’ve got some wonderful thoughts that needs to be expressed in beautiful words, and we give you just that place to put those words together and reach people around the world.

Who can write on SelahGist Hub?

Anyone can write on SelahGist Hub community. Whether you’ve never written before or you are ready to create a full publication, it’s easy to get started and we allow you to express your thoughts and ideas, with the option to earn for your work.

How do I get started?

First, you need to sign up to become a creator. Then, ensure to fill in your profile details. Start creating contents! Once you submit your post, our team of editors will check out your post, and if deemed fit (based on our rules and guidelines), it will be published in no time!
If you are interested to see what kind of post we are looking for, you can check this post or this

How many Articles can I Publish in day?

You may publish a maximum of 5 articles per day.

How do I earn as a creator?

We pay writers who choose to earn through their contents, based on the number of views each content receives, (1 Naira/view). However, a minimum of 200 views is required for each article to be eligible for this. Payment is made for all articles written in a particular month, and with a minimum of 200 views on 28th of that same month.
In case of public holidays, payment will be made on next working day.
Please, ensure to fill in your correct bank details in the payment information.

Why do some posts get featured?

Articles or posts that are of high quality/value or performing well based on number of engagements (views, average likes and dislikes, comments, shares) get featured on the homepage. This we do to increase the visibility of contents readers appreciate and will love to see, as well as encourage high quality contents from authors on our site.

How do I get larger views for my contents/articles?

While we are committed to building a larger audience of readers on our site, we feature and promote top notch contents on our social media pages for increased reach and traffic.
The impression your articles gets may also be increased by the number of likes/upvotes, views and comments, which enables your article to rank among the trending/featured posts.
It is therefore valuable to share your contents to friends and invite others to read, like, comment and share.

What are the community rules

We cherish a good time for everyone using our platform, so we do have some rules we ask that you abide by. You can check these rules on our Creators guideline page. These are important because your submitted articles may be rejected or your account suspended if you do not follow them!
You can also check on our User Agreement for more information.

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