"Femi Adebile speaks on gospel films and the impact of democracy"

Gospel film in Nigeria has grown compared to democracy- Femi Adebile says

Gospel film actor, Evang. Femi Adebile has said the gospel film industry in Nigeria has grown in comparison to democracy.

The popular actor gave the opinion in an interview with Gospel Film News, while speaking on the impact of democracy on the gospel film industry, as well as the future of the industry.

In the interview, Femi Adebile acknowledged that there were things that wouldn’t have been possible in the military regime, but is now done without fear of reprimand.

“There are some things we can now write in our movies free to correct some ills in the society which we cannot do when we were in the military regime,” he said.

“Because even those who are not gospel filmmakers that time who are secular filmmakers, secular movie producers that expressed their opinion those times, some of them were killed, some have to run away into exile, some were arrested but now we have the freedom to say anything we want to say by the leading of God.

“So, we can say democracy has really helped the gospel film industry because we have freedom to express ourselves in the tune of drama that God has given unto us.”

In comparison with democracy of 1993 and gospel films of the 90s in Nigeria, Femi was of the opinion that the gospel film industry has grown in comparison.

“We have grown, let’s thank God for what he has done. If we look back to the 90s and democracy of that time, we have really moved forward, he said.

“A lot of things has happened in the gospel movie industry. We’ve had many people in the industry that has risen. We have many movies that has been released.

“Many producers, soap operas, short films, feature length movies, serial movies, television stations, YouTube channels, and so on, we have grown.”

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About Femi Adegbile

Femi Adebile hails from Boluwaduro Local Government of Osun State, but grew up in Ondo State.

He became more prominent as he featured in the popular movie ‘Gbemi’ produced by Mount Zion, where he got the nickame ‘Bro John,’ as well as ‘Kembe Isonu’ produced by the PREM FILMS.

On filmmaking, he is said to be self-trained but was introduced into gospel filming by Adeniyi Famewo, the President of Glorious Ambassadors Christ Evangelical Ministry (GACEM) during his undergraduate days.

He has then featured in a number of movies which includes; Robber of Glory (2010), Alagbara Ajoji (2012), The Accuser (2014), Kembe Isonu as well as the popular ‘Gbemi the movie’ among others.

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